As usual, Monday is a mellow and relaxed day here at Hip Crave and the perfect day to heal your soul after a long weekend with fresh, unique and groundbreaking sounds. So without further due, here is the second part of our list of 10 awesome music blogs you haven’t heard about.


Brutal Resonance

If you enjoy the darker, industrial side of music then Brutal Resonance is the blog for you. They have been publishing album reviews of the most underground and unusual music since 2009. Nowadays you can find everything music related on the site from News to Artist Features and also Movie Reviews.


Bolting Bits

Canada has long been at the forefront of electronic music, hosting several world famous festivals such as Shambhala, Veld and Future Forest. Hailing from Montreal, Bolting Bits strives to keep this tradition of supporting amazing electronic music by releasing top notch content.

If you are keen on finding unreleased stuff, then head to their Unsigned section where you can find hidden gems waiting to be discovered. There is also a fine selection of mixes made by a fine selection of upcoming artists.



StereoFox covers a vast selection of music such as Indie, Electronic, Rock and several sub-genres. Appearance wise, it looks a lot like a music streaming site such as Spotify which clearly showcases the focus of the website, to highlight awesome tracks.

You can discover great music through several sections of their website, if you fancy playlists and mixes be ready to be delighted. Their article section covers everything from News and Features to Videos and Interviews.


For The Rabbits

A simple idea backed by minimalistic design, For The Rabbits focus solely on showcasing an eclectic range of styles of music such as Ambient, Downtempo, Acoustic and Indie. If you want to really read about music than For The Rabbits is not the blog for you, but if you are looking to hear fresh and vanguard music then you are in the right place.



One of the most unique blogs around, Tone Shift has been around since 2010 and daily reviews experimental and underground electronic music. Is the perfect place to find introspective, cutting edge and boundary pushing music. They pride themselves in highlighting music that is new and original so it’s definitely not the place if you are looking for more mainstream recordings.