The Internet is filled with garbage and uninteresting stuff but there are some media outlets such as music blogs that constantly push great content and deserve our attention. When talking about music content Hype Machine is a good measure of quality to find niche blogs that constantly display awesome music.



Counterzine is a small blog from Spring-Texas, they are known as the “cassette blog” as they prioritize covering cassette releases. Every friday they release Dishital Weekly, a recap of the best 5 digital releases of the week. As the name implies the blog works like a traditional zine and publishes interviews, premieres and album reviews.



Post-Trash is specialized in Post-Punk and Post-Hardocre music, covering the best releases of this style of music on a daily basis. Every week they publish articles on a special section called  “Fuzzy Meadows” where they make a retrospective of all the best music published on their Blog each week.


Inverted Audio

A London/Berlin blog, Inverted Audio has been giving a voice to the underground since 2008, focusing on highlighting the best electronic music and visual arts experiments from cutting edge artists around the world.

Through captivating and well researched content, they carefully showcase curated events, festival videos and everything related to electronic music and culture. Their reviews’s section is also the perfect place to find unconventional and experimental music.


Son Of Marketing

One of the best italian based blogs on the web sphere, SOM (Son of Marketing) showcases daily the best electronic, ambient and experimental music found anywhere online. A non profit organization, their mission is to display only music they love, and there is no room for negativity. Their motto is: write about what you love.



Hi54 is an awesome alternative.indie blog that has an eccentric and unique aesthetic, beautifully crafted articles blended with explendid visuals. Their music coverage is really extensive and they highlight radio shows, podcasts and mixtapes. There is also a whole section called Fandcamp which showcases random positive reviews from music fans on bandcamp.

Let us know in the comments what are your favorite blogs and let’s start a musical conversation.