Before all mainstream attention, electronic music started in underground parties in New York, Detroit, and London.

In the late 80’s, one electronic music style took prominence and gave the foundation for almost all styles that came later: UK Jungle.

From Jungle, we got Drum n’ Bass and UK Garage, the latter also heavily influenced by Paradise Garage. A style that was named after a famous LGBT New York Club PG (Paradise Garage).

Through the 90’s other styles developed from UK Garage such as 4/4 Garage, 2-Step garage, Grime, and Dubstep. Here you can check a timeline on the history of UK garage.

Artists like Burial, Skream and Ms. Dynamite all drew inspiration from the style and still today release tracks influenced by UK Garage. One of the most recognizable traits of the style is the backbeat on top of a syncopated rhythm, blended with chopped and highly processed vocal sounds.

If you want to go a little bit deeper in the history of this foundational style, check below the awesome documentary “Rewind 4Ever”.


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