Creating an album can be an arduous endeavor, a journey of self-knowledge encapsulated in a limited time frame, intended to combine fragmented slices of an artist’s creative vision. It requires looking back and reflecting on the memories and feelings that inspired each composition. Brian Zajak a.k.a Fejká fuses an array of emotions, experiences and contrasting vibes magnifying situations lived in the last two years in Reunion. The follow up to his debut EP Twilight’ which marked the beginning of his relationship with Christian Löffler and Ki Records.

Internally motivated by nothing more than an ascending creative flame, Zajak uses music as an escape mechanism and he seeks inspiration through the visual arts. A recent trip to Scandinavia influenced the aesthetic of the music video of ‘Svanur’,  a collage of mixed footage blending nature, city timelapse and landscapes from the northern lights. 

Unlike in previous work, which Zajak explored the combination between quixotic flavors and electronic textures, ‘Reunion’ envelops a wider sound palette, blending divergent musical approaches culminating in an ocean of eclecticism. Zajak describes the reason for his new creative direction, “I think that I realized life is too diverse to be only portrayed by one sound style, Reunion It’s a collection of my life and the sum of all the ups and downs.” A mellow chordal sequence followed by atmospheric vocal stabs seasoned with delicate string textures establish the tone in ‘Dawn’, setting up for a fluid nostalgic sonic voyage that conjures a contemplative and introspective state of mind. Through dynamic arpeggios, organic percussive patterns and poignant operatic melodies, Reunion camouflages itself into an adventure suitable for home listening but energetic enough to shake the membranes of a sound system.

Besides traditional components found in house music such as utter low frequencies, rhythmic piano snippets and plucked hypnotic melodies, Zajak also experiments with odd field recordings, organic sampling, and airy choral slices. In ‘Glow’, middle eastern-inspired orchestral arrangements,  lush soundscapes, and a soothing central theme guide the ears through an ecstatic and playful aural odyssey.

In tunes such as ‘Collapse’ and ‘Incision’, sorrow and joy weave as one unit, mirroring the social pattern of classification. The 10 piece LP conveys a sense of longing, oscillating through wistful melodic patterns and fragmented ambiances that evoke duality. 

‘Reunion’ is out now on KI Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.



2.Reunion (feat. Maria Angerer)


4.Svanur (feat. Rökkurró)




8.Skye (feat. Maria Angerer)