After several strong releases on imprints such as Granular Art, Illegal Alien and Faut Section, Fixeer returns with “Metameric Creature”, a 5-piece journey to the deep realms of individual consciousness. The label head of Human Recs, home to heart shaking and ear melting bangers from talented upcoming producers such as LPP and Simbiose. During his career, dark atmospheres, deep basses blended with hypnotic leads became his trademark throughout his previous releases. Tracks such as “Realism”, “Seele” and “Border” highlights his dark techno influences but still display clever arrangements packed with tooth-shaking kick drums.


It all begins with “Caan” where it feels like being transported to an industrial complex in the dark realms of a murky night out in a Metropole like Berlin or Budapest. Through profound repetition, Fixeer emulates the deep sonic atmosphere of artists such as Ilario Alicante, Ramiro Lopez, Julian Jewell.

Similarity and uniformity sometimes help artists to shape a unique sonic identity, therefore Fixeer doesn’t shy away from repetition and clever usage of syncopated rhythms exemplified in “Pattern 03”. Following through the EP with “Redline” a tribal journey marked with bouncy low-frequency tones and clever use of percussions such as Marimba and Kalimba to create introspective lead sequences.

Analog experimentation and creative freedom is the driving force of the techno sound palette, “Centipede” fuses soothing bell melodies with energetic bass lines and fierced hi-hat lines. Reiteration and abstract textures construct the overall vibe of the piece, inspiring hypothetical thoughts and unrealistic expectations.

Consistency goes a long way in helping an artist to establish himself and throughout the years this Mexican native has kept himself active. Not the most original Techno release but Fixxer still puts up a strong performance, paving his way in becoming a techno producer to watch in 2019.

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1 . Caan

2  .Centipede

3  .Mito

4  .Pattern 03

5  .Redline