Through blending experimental sound design, unsettling fragmented ambiences and unconventional abstract melodic patterns, Pharmako Records is an unusual record label focused on releasing music on cassette tapes. Their latest offer is “Colour” by Cario Canio, which advances his previous works such as “Susurrus”, “Of The Divine” and “To The Matter”. A prolific multi-instrumentalist, Greg Nunn, the man behind Cario Canio created a solid body of work in less than 2 years and shows no sign of slowing down. Besides traditional dark ambient elements, visuals have a deep influence on his work as seen through his visual aesthetic and music videos.

Unlike a lot of music released nowadays that is meant to be just an auditory experience, “Colour” is conceptual in nature, intended to disrupt traditional paradigms of artistic expression. Every track name mirrors the name of the album, followed by a distinct string of numbers which correspond to latitude and longitude coordinates. For each tune, you can type this information on Google Earth, so you can immerse yourself in an interactive journey that goes beyond just listening to a record.

Travelling through calmness and introspectiveness, the first track ‘colour intro’ displays a clever mix of fragmented melodies, distinctive percussion and mellow atmospheres. It is a journey through the deep realms of the creative spirit that is Cario Canio. Things keep moving along with ‘colour 32.627725, 129.739110’ where grainy atmospheric tones fuse with organ-like synth melodies and soothing harmonic textures to deliver a congenial thrill.

At first glance, “Colour” is your typical ambient album, a collection of beautiful landscapes and relaxing melodies but as you dig deeper, it becomes clear how much effort and detail the artist has poured into it. To finish things off, a delicate pad texture sets the tone for ‘colour 51.306418, 30.067203’, the perfect ending for a pleasant and mysterious journey.