After an almost two years hiatus, Mickman is back with “Corollary” a four-piece bass music stravaganza that blends hip-hop beats with mind-bending sound design techniques. The EP is a nice follow-up to “Mending The Riven”, a 12 track album influenced by legendary downtempo artists such as Telefon, Tel Aviv, and Bonobo.

Randomness, introspectiveness and murky ambiences set the tone for “Right When it hurts”, scrambled synth textures, deep basses and peculiar melodies combine to give us a pleasurable listening experience. Escaping from traditional song forms this track showcases a determination to break conventional loop-based arrangement technique.

Clunky, dirty and weird, “Curio”  drains  from early 2000s bangers, it kicks off with weird synth ambiences followed by chunky bass textures, a snappy snare-drum sample and a lack of rhythm variation. Although sometimes lackluster in dynamic changes, it’s a sonic journey that flashbacks into pre-Skrillex Dubstep era, intelligent bass variations topped with organic ambiences.

Instead of flowing into the next step of musical enjoyment, things get pretty stale with “Tolerance” the longest track of the EP, it showcases sharp sound design but it lacks proper form. A good idea still relies on proper execution, Mickman failed to deliver and this is one of the tracks that would be better off being left out of the release. He finishes things off with “Aggress” which, unlike the previous one, is snappier and shorter and suits the mood as the last piece of the EP.

It’s always a pleasure to hear artists that are truly pushing and trying to make something unique, Mickman is clearly on his own path, overall a nice piece of work but some tracks could be left out and changes over time don’t happen frequently enough and that is the key for creating an emotional connection with the listener.

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  1. Right when it hurts
  2. Curio
  3. Tolerance
  4. Aggress