Back in the day it was almost impossible to find a synthesizer that sole purpose was to provide low frequencies to create heart-pumping, tooth-shaking bass tones. Nowadays there are some options such as SubBoomBass, Substance and now SubLab.

Last week FAW (Future Audio Workshop), the company behind the acclaimed Cycle synthesizer released their version of a low frequency beast, a unique instrument suitable for Bass Music such as Hip-Hop, Future Bass and Trap.

So how can Sublab be useful to music production and sound design? Let’s find out.

A Myriad of Bass Tones


As its core Sublab is an analog synthesizer, but it also gives you the ability to load audio samples. It comes bundled with Six Premium Bass Packs developed by World Class Producers. You can also easily drag and drop your own samples and mix and match several samples together for maximum flexibility and creative control.

For producers that make Bass Music, SubLab is definitely something worth having in your Toolbox, a kind of swiss army knife for your low-frequency needs. You can sample, layer, widen and distort any kick and transform it into powerful bass sounds. One feature that stands out from the competition is FAW’s new proprietary X-Sub Technology. A ground-breaking invention that allows you to get deep, consistent bass tones independently of which note is being played and functions as a psychoacoustic sub-bass oscillator.

What really makes SubLab shine is several extra features that are either an improvement from similar synths or don’t exist yet. Harmonic control is a breeze and you can fine tune exactly what extra harmonics to blend into the sound. There is also a sleek Distortion Screen that displays how the waveform is being changed and if you need to side-chain your SubBass you can easily do so by the click of a button.

Awesome things about SubLab

  • Analog style synth engine
  • Maximizer for fattening and expanding sounds
  • Mix controls for parallel compression
  • BPM synced glide times
  • True peak metering

Future Audio Workshop has again raised the bar in releasing a ground-breaking instrument that will find a home in many producers studio. As expected sound quality is off the charts and it can really boosts productivity, at a discounted release price of $40 it’s an easy decision for every serious Bass Music Producer.