Change is the only constant, and in this edition of “Gems Of The Month” we highlight a journey to a visionaire electronic expedition that is fresh, innovative and elegant. Featurin emerging artists such as Ion Driver and Jon Kennedy and Elpine but also some veterans such as Opiou and Emancipator

Emancipator – “The Bridge”


After several acclaimed albums such as “Seven Seas”, “Baralku” and “Dusk to Dawn”, the Portland-based producer just dropped “The Bride” a collaboration with Tor and Lapa through his own label Loci Records. The tune is a melting pot of organic textures, mellow horn lines and pulsating bass frequencies.


Jon Kennedy – “Once Upon A Time”


Self-proclaimed as a DJ/Drummer Jon Kennedy music is free, innovative and impossible to classify. “Once Upon a Time” is a reversed to trip to the future of electronic music cleverly blending melodic vocal shots, crunchy bass textures and cripsy percussive rhythms.

Ion Driver- Deep Sands (VIP)


Resembling a scene from DOOM, where anxiety creeps in and survival is on the line, “Not The First Attempt”dislepsic atmospheres followed by chaotic polyrhyms transport your soul to new heights of sonic enlighment.

Opiuo – “Kaleidoscope”


Bleeps, synthetic futuristic melodies and feet-moving bass line set the tone of “Kaleidoscope” the latest single of Australian producer Opiuo. A glitch funk blaster that craftly blends visionary sound design and elegant fragment ambiances.


Boketto – “Disenthral”

A calm and poignant ambiance kick things off followed by mellow string melodies and marimba lines antecepating the drop; a clever mix of synthetic textures, atmospheric vocals and hypnotic bass lines.“Disenthral” highlights the skills of a talented producer in Boketto and disrupts traditional patterns of song construction.


Carlos Pires – “Serenate” (Elpine Sunset Remix)


In any art form, refreshing an old piece of artwork and revitalizing into something new is what gave life to many forms of electronic music such as Drum n’ Bass, Hip-Hop and Nu-Dance. Out via Plano B records, Elpine highlights musicality and crisp production in his remix of “Serenata” by Carlos Pires.

il:lo -“Biome”


“Biome” is the lastest single from French duo il:lo, a beautiful tune that fuses electronic textures and nature inpired sound design a la Bonobo. The tune is a shot of positive vibes making the perfect soundtrack for travelling, partying and enjoyng life.