Summer is already approaching its end on the northern hemisphere.  This month we feature a fresh selection of tracks that showcases the vibe of this fascinating season.

In today’s “Gems Of The Month” an eight-track selection from upcoming artists such as El Jazzy Chavo and more underground household names such as IvyLab. 

Aether – “Reverie”

Keeping his long tradition of constantly releasing music, Aether just dropped “Reverie” this week, a two-track Ep that summarizes his ear-candy style that fuses atmospheric pads, marvelous piano melodies and in-your-face drums. The track title is a sonic adventure that conveys the emotional depth of this Scottish’s composer compositions,

El Jazzy Chavo – “Ammos”

Hailing from Greece El Jazzy Chavo’s music is a blend of chopped jazzy samples, smooth melodic lines and pulsating percussive rhythms. Resembling late night sessions from the future “Ammos” displays a refined taste and musicality hardly found in today’s cookie-cutter and plastic soulless music.

Tycho – “Weather”

A picture is worth a 1000 words but the depth of Scott Hansen’s music, the man behind Tycho might need more words than that to be reasoned into statements. After an inactive period without releasing music, “Weather” is his new album and is the combination of years evolving his own sound. The new single “Weather” has all the elements of Tycho’s sonic experiments: dreamy guitar lines, straight feel bass lines and retro-sounding synths.

Quantic – “September Blues”

After the mind-bending “Curao” which cemented Quantic as one of the most unique producers of his generation “September Blues” is from his new album “Atlantic Oscillations” where he displays his blend of feet-moving beats and orchestral arrangements.

Ivy Lab – “Where I Go”

Since Future, Trap and modern styles of Bass music became widely known, a lot of producers from different genres such as Drum n Bass and Glitch-Hop started to experiment with producing slower tempo beats cleverly creating an electronic melting pot.

Ivy Lab are one of those producers that are always innovating with crisp sound design and out of the ordinary song structures. In “Where I Go”  things kick-off with a lothuesque vocal sample topped with bouncy drums and heart-pumping basslines.

MxRKxS “Over & Over”

Boom-bap Hip-Hop has an elegant way of blending jazz vibes with modern beats and is a style that never gets out of fashion. Hailing from Poland, MxRKxS deliver well crafted summer vibes with “Over & Over”, a mellow boom-bap beat that blends nicely chopped break samples with soulful vocals.

Underground Mambo

Our “Gems Of The Month Summer Special” wouldn’t be complete without some South-American infused beats. Everything kicks off with “Sweet Connections” the opening track from Underground Mambos’s debut album “Lo-fi Y Más”.  A smooth sampled beat showcasing clever arrangements and a peculiar summer vibe make us excited of what the future holds for these Argentinians beat-makers.