We are excited to announce the second edition of our  monthly column “Gems of the Month” . IDM, Modern Jazz and Ethnic Techno , there is something for everyone. Our goal is to showcase the hidden gems from the most talented emerging artists active today so without further due let’s discover some awesome gems.

Anthony Naples – Fog FM

After a hiatus of two years without releasing new material Anthony Naples kept himself busy curating music for his own labels such as Proibito and Incienso. However in 2019, he is back with “Fog FM” a ten piece journey to the unknown realms of experimental Techno. The title track highlights Naples’s creativity and refined compositional skills hence displaying a  pleasurable listening experience.

Christian Carpenter – Ballad Of The Wordsmiths

Wordsmith II is a project created to support literary groups in the Pacific Northwest and how they affect their communities. The last track is “Ballad Of The Wordsmiths”, a dazzling sonic experience that masterfully blends traditional instruments such as acoustic guitar with poignant melodies.

Mediadata – Poseidon 0. 9d. V

Hailing from Russia, MediaData produces mind-bending and boundary pushing music blending murky ambiences with classical elements. Escaping from traditional structures, the track starts with glitch kick drums followed by syncopated snares and unconventional synthetic melodies.

Lookyan – Aurora (ft Alexander Malyonkyn)

Inspired by IDM greats such as Aphex Twin, Tipper, Venetian Snares and Classical Composers, Lookyan masterfully blends alluring piano harmonies with filtered kick drums and cozy atmospheres in “Aurora”. The track is part of “Colaboratory” a three track EP that confirms Lookyan astonishing creative output.

GILA – Throw that away

We liked this track so much that we are featuring it again on our Gems Of The Month of June 2019. GiLA is a producer to watch and “Throw that Away” highlights his sound design and compositional skills.

Lipphead – Slippery Fingers

We at Hip Crave. We enjoy all kinds of music so we are blessed to present “Slippery Fingers” from Lipphead, a funk and reggae influenced tune that features a groovy bass line, smooth guitar tones and organic drums.

Living Room – Waikiki Beach Dreaming

If you are a fan of Bonobo, Apparat and Boombap you will enjoy “Waikiki Beach” by Living Room. A marvelous blend of jazzy elements and atmospheric vibes, the perfect companion for a summer day at the beach.

Tristan de Liege – Hummingbird

Tristan de Liege is back with “Maisha” the following of his 2018 excellent “Kosame” album. Organic drums blended with sax lines set the tone of this marvelous instrumental, displaying refined taste and unusual instrumentation.