Music is something magical, and when different artists come together to collaborate we music lovers feel blessed, we have the pleasure to enjoy the by-product of creatives individuals that poured their soul to express their emotions in the form of music for us to enjoy.

Through his life Tom Morello partnered with many musicians borrowing his talents creating unusual music. After Rage Against the Machine broke up in 2000 he and the remaining members got together with Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell to create Audioslave. Thei debut album was a tremendous commercial success achieving triple platinum status and propel the band to become the first American rock band to perform in Cuba.

Few Producers have been so active as Gramatik, in 11 years he released 9 albums plus a plethora of singles, launched his own label called Low Temp and performed everywhere in huge festivals such as Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza and Dour to name a few.

Morello made a name for himself as a riff master, blending rock, funk and hip hop elements with unusual techniques such as simulating a vinyl scratch or tapping the cable on the strings creating electronic ambiences.

Music fans know Gramatik for his blend of old school samples with heavy basses and tasty guitar licks, a style he calls Electro Soul. Gary Clark Jr distinctive voice coupled with elements of blues, soul and hip hop quickly made him a recognizable name in the blues world sharing the stage with names like Eric Clapton, B.B. King and the Rolling Stones.

On Friday the 12th of April Morello dropped a new single produced by Gramatik and  vocals by Gary Clark Jr.

The tracks start with funky blues infused guitars followed by Gramatik instantly recognizable drum sounds with punchy kick and crispy snare. Right after Clark Jr. showcases his talents, and the track flows nicely with added detailed effects and percussion hits every 8 bars.

Following the second verse comes a long breakdown with atmospheric sampled vocals and tasteful guitar licks played by the one and only Tom Morello. After this guitar extravaganza it’s when the track gets weird.

Although Gramatik clean production techniques usually always enhance a piece of music this time he went to far blending trap infused bass and beats, it doesn’t really add anything to the track, feels like he ruined what could be a solid single performed and produced by a stellar cast of musicians.