Gwen & Tiana –  who were featured opening our first Spotify Playlist (World Textures) with “Happy Again” –  shined on stage at the Montreux Jazz Festival this week. They played on Tuesday at the Talent Award, bringing grooves and positive vibrations to one of the most renowned music events in the world.

The Pan-African duo is now based in Switzerland, so perhaps that’s why the musicians were feeling at home on stage. One thing that is clear and impressive about their performance is how they are able to translate their unique “good vibes” into music, and somehow delight the whole crowd from the very first chords. Don’t’ believe us? Just watch this fan video above which was posted by the band on their Facebook page.

At last, the musicians used some African-infused Jazz-Soul and sweet vocal melodies to take the crowd to a mental state of joy and gratitude for all things we have the opportunity to experience in life. 

Watch below Gwen & Tiana’s music video for African Time!