Multi-instrumentalist Johno will release his new music video for the song “Stopping by Woods,” on April 3rd, 2019.  It comes from his new album The Road Not Taken.  In the video, he sings the Robert Frost poem “Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening,” over a savory piano and tastefully infuses various percussion and strings throughout. Meanwhile, a contemporary dancer moves smoothly across picturesque backgrounds and seamlessly blends in with the soothing music and natural scenery.

Johno’s poetic indulgence evolved over time but eventually revealed hidden melodies and songs.  “When you read these poems, they have these beautiful meters,” he reflects. “You just have to discover the songs in them. Much like Michelangelo said about stones, that they were all waiting to have a sculpture carved out them, these poems were begging to become musical compositions.”  And no better artist to bring them to life than Johno, originally a jazz performer now using that foundation to build upon and add elements of classical, Arabic, African, and all types of world music into his compositions.

In the second music video from Johno’s first solo album, The Road Not Taken, he brings to life poetic verse and song seemingly as diverse as his influences across the globe.  You won’t want to miss the poetic beauty in the album or this new video for “Stopping by the Woods”.”