KoloYolo – Ukrainian experimental trio known for its combination of Jazz Fusion, traditional Ukrainian Folk, ethnic rhythms, and electronic ambient music – has just made “Georgia” available on all streaming platforms. This single is the band’s first official release, which marks the beginning of their journey on RNT Records, a World Music/Jazz Fusion label that has artists such as Kodssi and Johno in its roster.

In Georgia, tender female vocals often intertwine with overflows of Bandura and guitar strings.  Added complex rhythm and electronic effects, they give a new sound to traditional Ukrainian folk instruments and make KoloYolo’s sound exactly as where they are: the edge of ultra-modern music mixed with Jazz-Rock intonations.

Created in 2013 by Nikolai (Kolya) and Olga (Olya) Goncharenko, KoloYolo is a world music project that has already managed to make itself known, especially in the former Soviet countries. They met in music school in Kharkov (Ukraine), where they played together in a rock band. At the time, they began to think about the idea of combining Bandura with Jazz. In search of their unique manner of performance, they were inspired by the work of legendary American Jazz improviser Bobby McFerrin in finding ways of adding new layers to the traditional Ukrainian Folk.

The band has been playing consistently in clubs and festivals in Ukraine and Poland: “Vinnitsa Jazz”, “Odessa Jazz”, “Jazz Koktebel”, Jazzomir, Slowianalia Szczecin, Sofar Sounds, Vedalife, Trypilske Kolo, and Lviv Bandur Fest are just some of the examples.  

Watch Below a news piece about KoloYolo on the Ukrainian Channel UA in English: