Since  bass music became mainstream around 2010 with several artists becoming superstars and a whole industry booming around it, musical creativity suffered. Many upcoming producers were trying too hard to conform to an imposed paradigm of unoriginal and cookie-cutter productions as labels were searching for the next big thing.

California bred, Berlin based Mad Zach built a prolific career as a sound designer and producer, releasing music on cutting-edge labels such as Muti Music, Deadbeats and Alpha Pulp. In the beginning of his career, Mad Zach built a name as a beatmaker but as the bass music scene evolved, he dove into more experimental territories blending trap inspired drizzling melodies with snappy rhythmic textures and rumbling low frequencies. Fortress, his latest Ep via Plasma Audio transports the listener into a unique and pleasant sonic voyage. 

Fortress magnifies the sound of a culture that is constantly pushing the limits and not afraid to experiment, unconventional electronic music that tries to rupture commercial traditions and expectations. The opening track “Robovox” unveils what is still to come, a stravaganza of scintillating and hypnotic synthetic leads infused with cinematic orchestral stabs and diligent rhythmic patterns encapsulating a punch of originality. “Blood March” kick things off with a poignant melody followed by a drum n bass inspired drop and hypnotic melodies.