With their fourth album The Third Eye set to hit the stores in January, Ephemerals is a  band that paints a rare picture in today’s musical landscape by mixing Jazz, Soul, Funk and bluesy influences topped with poignant horn arrangements and psychedelic elements. The first single ‘Blur’ out on October 25th features a mellow electric piano arrangement seasoned with delicate vocal melodies accenting the powerful message behind the lyrics of the tune. “I heard Hillman opening the door to herself on this album. This is an album about learning about yourself in a voyage that most people will never discover or discover too late because of social constructs” says lead singer Wolfgang Valbrun about the album.


Experimenting with recording and mixing techniques to illustrate the artistic concepts behind the songs has been key in the overall character of the record. Hard panning is used to group together specific sounds and instruments to the left and right to convey masculine and feminine sides within the track as within the individual. 

The Third Eye is a profound and conceptual album that represents an unconventional approach to songwriting by incorporating modal changes, quartal harmonies, polychords, therefore, creating a sense of tension because the tunes oscillate between different moods, feelings, and textures. 

If you liked the song and would like to support Ephemerals you can pre-order ‘Blur ‘here