LA-based producer Brendan Angelides widely known as “Eskmo”  has been releasing music and performing live since 2003. His versatility allowed him to work with a diverse cast of artists, ranging from Amon Tobin to Selena Gomes. After releasing his acclaimed “SOL” album in 2015 where he showcased his talents with staggering tracks such as “Combustion” and “SpVce”. Subsequently, he went to score the Netflix’s series “13 Reasons Why” and also made the score for the TV show “Billions”. Kira Kira is an Icelandic composer and has 5 solo albums to her name and also did TV work for director Daniel Stessen.

Intricate sound design and sparse words kick things off with “Sometimes” where Eskmo displays his personality and creative spirit without compromising his trademark sound. Experimentation and introspectiveness keeps flowing on “Backbone” a marvelous sonic adventure that cleverly blends ambient vocals with tribalistic percussion and mind-boggling low frequency textures.

Unconventional and challenging is “Devotion” where both producers escape from traditional structures and practices. A whistle topped with  a synthetic horn line anticipates the drop which both producers highlight their scoring background through incorporating metallic percussion with hypnotic synths and gritty basses. As the track flows ethereal vocal textures and ethnic instrumentation transports the listener to the deeper realms of a reflective sonic expedition. Tension and release are a central theme to the album and “Radiopia” keeps the vibe flowing brewing syncopated rhythms with contentions and deep melodies, ending with  some mesmerizing artificial  noises.

Background tones and ambient soundscapes establish a relaxing mood on “Amae”, an intelligently crafted composition that changes the album direction and introduces what is still to come. Beautiful piano melodies and static chord stabs form the foundation of Ljósofin”, a tune that conveys emotions and an energetic sense of peace and calmness. Throughout the track, poignant vocal stabs mingle with harmonic cello lines and organic ambiances commonly found in nature. Next is “Straum” which continues to explore drum less songwriting with emphasis on weaving dreamy guitar lines and unconventional woodwinds patterns.

Through the years Eskmo thrived as an expert collaborator and after a long four years hiatus he doesn’t disappoint and returns with another respectful piece of work which displays his sound design talents combined with Kira Kira eccentric and unusual vocal textures. Making art is a process of constant evolution and experimentation so his quest for growth is apparent in every release. 

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  1. Sometimes
  2. Backbone
  3. Devotion
  4. Radiopia
  5. Amae
  6. Ljósofin
  7. Straum
  8. Hvörf
  9. Pepper e Pinecones