Hailing from Australia, Remi. is a Hip-Hop duo made of Remi Kolawole and producer Sensible J. After their critically acclaimed album “Divas & Demons” which features collabs with Sampa The Great and Jordan Rakei, they rose to the spotlight in their home country and started to gather international attention. The album was released on Remi’s own imprint House Of Beige and highlighted a lot of live instrumentations with a pretty unique soul vibe to it. Tracks such as “Lose Sleep”, “Hate You” and “Substance Therapy” showcased the duo personality and versatility.

“5.AM”, the duo new single, is a melting pot of Neo-Soul, R&B and Hip-Hop and features a unexpected bridge section. A pleasant surprise before the track comes back to the second verse. Just like in his previous work Remi showcases his talents as a lyricist who is not afraid to speak his mind. As a duo Sensible J’s productions complement well with Remi’s flow and provide an organic background for artistic expression.

Support Remi and listen to his track on Spotify and check his label House Of Beige.