One of the coolest things ever is to find new music from artists that are still yet to hit the spotlight but somehow are making original and boundary pushing art. Hailing from France is Saë, a multi-instrumentalist producer that intelligently blends live performance with electronic music hence creating a unique mix of Electro-Funk. In his latest track “All The Things” you will find feet moving basslines, fragmented disco strings and beautiful vocal lines. To keep things moving there is an unexpected 8-bar break which blends in-your-face drum beats with retro-style synths.

Listen to the track below and keep your body moving.

As a solo artist, he draws inspiration from artists such as Prince, Daft Punk and Justice, His music blends 70s groove with a modern vintage flair. Like many artists today, Saë is building his name by releasing singles and performing live around Europe and the Philippines. He will debut first EP in 2020. Saë is set for great things, and we are excited to see what the future holds for his career.