Boom-Bap Hip-Hop, when produced well, never gets out of fashion. This style of beat making – popularized by legendary producers such as DJ Premier, Pete Rock and KRS-One – heavily relies on sampling old recordings, bringing to life and presenting them in forms never heard before. 

One artist keeping this tradition alive and well is Flofilz, a Belgian producer based in Aachen, Germany. Melting Pot Music just released his seventh full-length album: “Transit”,  a 18-track full of sulky, dazzling and refreshing beats. Packed with collabs with the likes of Alpha Mist, K, Le Maestro and Biig Piig, this work cements Flofilz reputation as a creative beatmaker who’s not afraid to blend the old and  the new.

Things kick off with atmospheric guitar lines blended with snappy snares and acoustic kick drums in “Checkinthru”, establishing the vibe for what is yet to come: jazzy, groovy and laid-back beats. Mellow Rhode stabs, melodic horn lines and a delightful piano break keep the vibe in “Arcade”, a relaxed sonic experience that will find space in every crate-digger’s record collection.

Being able to take your “studio” everywhere is a blessing technology has offered music makers. ”Hooked on Hops” is a perfect example: recorded on 2 laptops in London, it is one of the highlights of the album, carefully mixing organic string jazz  harmony with mellow piano tones.

Compared to his previous tracks – such  as “Sippin”, “Gitdown” and “Taxi Bossa” Flofilz has clearly improved as a songwriter in “Transit”. In this new work, he keeps distance from traditional forms of stale sampling while still staying true to old influences. Just like most of his work, this album is available on his Bandcamp. You can support Flofilz by purchasing  the vinyl on here.