The third volume of our monthly playlist—Forward Thinking Electronica is hosted by Ph4ro—an upcoming electronic music artist which will debut his first EP “Against The Clock” in September, stay tuned.

A 32-song journey of boundary-pushing electronic music featuring some household names as well upcoming several upcoming artists. Packed with ambient soundscapes, intelligent sound design and mellow melodies.

Forward Thinking Electronica begins with “Fahrenheit Fair Enough” an introspective glitchy downtempo piece from Louisiana-based producer Telefon Tel Aviv and sets the tone for what is still to come: a journey into the realms of innovation and experimentation.

The selection goes on with a great opening sequence containing tracks by Synchro, Maurizio Chiaro, The Flashbulb, Aether  and Riversilvers.

One of the playlist’s highlights is the blend  between emerging artists like Asta Hiroki, Feverkin and Maurizio Chiaro and music legends such as Noisia, Tipper and Richard Devine, always lead by intricate sound design and ambient textures.

After a great bunch of Intelligent Dance Music, Forward Thinking Electronica finishes with experimental and electronic tunes by artists such as Apparat, Jon Hopkins, Yasume and Deru.