We are very excited to present our curated Spotify playlist: Hip Cravin’ #1 – World Textures. As its name already suggests, the first edition of our 30-song playlist takes you on a journey around the globe through music textures.

Hip Cravin’ #1 aims at bringing you a fine selection of World Music, Afrobeat, Ethno Jazz, Soul, and a variety of other great tunes that take you from Morocco to Jamaica, or from Nigeria to Brazil in just a couple minutes.

The opening song – “Happy Again” by Gwen & Tiana – sets the sunny mood with beautiful “feel-good” vocal melodies, followed by the groovy Samba-Funk “Isabela” – featuring the legendary singer Elza Soares – recently released in Banda Black Rio’s latest comeback album.

Browsing this eclectic playlist, you can find amazing hidden gems such as Kodssi’s jazzy version of the traditional Gnawa song “Fou Fou” and Johno’s world music version for John Denver folk classic “Country Road”, as well as classic names such as Mulatu Astake, Tim Maia, and Orlando Julius.

Press play, enjoy trip and let us know what you think!