Since the festival season has already started and the summer is around the corner, those magical moments we spent the whole year waiting for are just about to happen. Sometimes, feelings of over-excitement and high expectations make us blind and we end up making stupid decisions.

Who never got too wasted in the first festival day and couldn’t even enjoy (or remember) anything afterward? Who never forgot to eat during the whole day and ended up feeling bad? Or even who never got that annoying sunburn that ruined the whole festival experience?

It is exactly to remind you of some (very important) details that we created a list with the 10 Most Essential Tips for Enjoying a great Festival!

1 – Check the Weather and Pack Accordingly

There’s nothing worse than feeling cold for 3 days in a row because you just forgot your jacket, or not having your towel with you, or being kilometers away from an ATM and not having enough money to eat. Therefore, the first thing you should do it to pack smart, accordingly to the festival site, activities and weather forecast.


2 – Drink Water and Eat Fruits

The elixir of life exists and we have its secret formula: H2O! Make sure to stay hydrated and to eat light and healthy: fruits are always a great option! Just watch out for overhydration in case you are taking something like Ecstasy or MDMA.


3 – Use and Reuse Sunscreen

Your sunscreen tube should be your best festival buddy! Use it every day after waking up and reapply it every 3 hours.


4 – Plan Ahead your Timetable

Avoid missing some of your favorite artists by planning ahead and setting alarms on your phone as a friendly reminder. Being pragmatic sometimes pays off.


5 – Have a little bag or fanny pack with you all the time

Small bags, purses or funny packs are always a great way of having all your essentials with you in a festival. Cellphone, power bank, toilet paper, tobacco, money/cards, sunscreen, water, snacks, substances.


6 – Take the right toiletries

We know how resourceless and chaotic campsites can be. So make sure you have all your essentials with you: Toilet paper, toothbrush, deodorant, etc. Yes, deodorant. Please don’t forget to use deodorant. You’ll make us all happy.


7 – Be careful with Drugs and Alcohol

We know that drugs and alcohol can really enhance one’s festival experience, but they can also ruin it completely. Don’t overdo it, be sure you know exactly what you are taking and try to be surrounded by friends.


8 – Mind your Garbage

We all hate dirty environments. You cannot even dance with that many plastic cups lying on the dancefloor, can you? Let’s be kind to the others and conscious about our surroundings. The best way to do so is definitely to avoid plastic and always be carrying a garbage bag with you.


9 – Be Present

Try to be mindful,  enjoy the “now”. Avoid FOMO – Fear of Missing Out – by planning ahead, but also let yourself go. Have fun with your friends, but don’t be afraid of doing some solo explorations. Festivals are amazing opportunities for meeting new people, getting to know more about yourself or simply to have fun. Make sure you are living the present and not remembering the past or excited about the future.


10 – Dance Like Nobody is Watching

Summer is always marvelous and if you live in northern Europe like we do, you know how rare sun sometimes can be.

We wish you all a great festival season and never forget, there is no better drug than Music.