Multi-Instrumentalist, philanthropist and world traveler Johno has just released another beaultiful music video for a unique and inspiring cover of the song “Country Roads,” originally by John Denver. The song comes from his new album The Road Not Taken. Johno, drawing on his many musical inspirations and journey, takes this cover into a new realm of song and dance that still incorporates elements of folk and country music from the original, while staying true to a variety of other ethnic styles Johno is known for. Within the song, he includes subtle string parts and a constant wall of drums that gives listeners a dancing upbeat rhythm throughout. In doing so, the artist manages to magnificently turn around the original southern American ballad into a current one that is more worldly and of his own volition.

The video itself is a collaboration that Johno had with director and animator Kleo Korai. They set out to make a grand collage of visuals from the musician’s travels over the last couple of years. As Johno states, “I also always knew that the video for this one needs to reflect the wonderful road I’ve been through in the past years, with my musical backpack, and this John Denver classic in it.”

The new video has everything from painted scenes dancing lightly across epic photographs to maps from around the world. It is the perfect representation of everything that comes from the song, especially the eternal calling, “take me home, to the place I belong.” In the end, Johno sings the words “West Tunisia” instead of “West Virginia,” for the final chorus. It is only fitting that Johno should pay tribute to one of the places where he recorded his first album, as the place he belongs.

Don’t miss this newest video which is sure to capture the imagination with thoughts of travel and home. It brings an old folk classic back to life on Johno’s newest album The Road Not Taken. Listen for yourself and enjoy.