The Pangean Orchestra has been making music for the last decade and a half.  They are a group of traditional and cultural musicians led by World Maestro – Colin O’Donohoe.  One of the main reasons he started the group was to unite people and different cultures around the world; to show that they can work together in harmony with music as the common language.

Right now they live in Turkey and have an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for future projects and recordings.

When it started in 2003, World Maestro – Colin O’Donohoe, was shocked at the callousness that the world around him had become stemming from violence and conflict that was happening world.  Inherently looking to help and for a solution, he thought it made sense to bring together musicians from around the world to perform as one group with a range of both traditional and cultural instruments.  The idea for the Pangean Orchestra was thus born, and he has been working on it as a founder, conductor, and performer ever since.

Although World Maestro became known to perform on several traditional and cultural international instruments, he is originally a percussionist allowing him to hear the beats behind all styles of music that can bring them together.  Beyond that, he is a composer working in many different musical styles ranging from electronic compositions, to ensembles with cultural themes as well as classical music for international orchestras around the world.  All these skills allow Colin to seamlessly work with any musician or instrument and to blend the elements of music and culture that he brings together with The Pangean Orchestra.

Imagine a group of 30 musicians who all come from different parts of the world and have different musical backgrounds yet can communicate through the language of music.  The Pangean Orchestra sees this musical language intending to unite an ever divided and constantly encircled world.  There are musicians who come from as far away as Afghanistan, Mali, and Brazil but it doesn’t matter where you are from.  To The Pangean Orchestra, if you want to play music and work together towards a common goal, they will invited you.

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Originally based in Phoenix, The Pangean Orchestra eventually had a short stint in New York, and now finally settled in Turkey. Each performance from the Orchestra sets out to change the minds of listeners.  To show that differences can work together and to start a dialogue about how that can happen. Music can be the first step towards building these everlasting relationships and breaking the artificial barriers set up around the world.

Currently, World Maestro is working with a variety of musicians from the Middle East and Europe to create new sounds, and ties between the areas and cultures.

Go check out their music today on their website to hear the unique sounds they make and the musicians they bring together from around the world.  If you are moved by their message or the beautiful and haunting music they make, be sure to donate to their IndieGoGo Campaign.  It is a great way to help spread the music they are making and there are a bunch of cool rewards to go along with any donation.