Who We Are

Hip Crave is an online magazine for showcasing emerging music, artists and creative ventures that are pushing the boundaries and defying the same old status quo.

To be Hip is to have “an attitude, to have a stance” in opposition to the “unfree world”. Being Hip also means being informed about the latest ideas, styles, and trends.

We Crave for what’s Hip, but especially for what’s ground-breaking. Our mission is to bring you the best arts and music-related content, carefully selected through our avant-garde seeking curatorial cut.

Hip Crave’s primary focus lies on emerging and upcoming artists. Differently than all mainstream media outlets – which focus on covering well-known names – we target the Hip, the unconventional, and the innovative.

Join us on this journey to unravel the best unheard music and the most boundaries-pushing art initiatives out there. 




Music Submissions:

If you would like to have your music featured on hipcave.com, read on.


Submission Guidelines:

1- We like to receive music before the release date, anything older than 30 days will not be considered.

2- Take a look around and see what kind of music we feature, we are very eclectic and open-minded, but we are an underground magazine focused on showcasing emerging artists that are doing something different. Take this into account when submitting music to us.

3- Don’t send us music not properly mixed and mastered by professional standards.

4- From now on we are only accepting music through Groover. This is a way to ensure we can answer to your queries and give quality feedback to your music.



Our Team:


Pedro Daim                                           pedro@hipcrave.com

Social Media Hero, Deputy Editor:

Louis Glass                                           louis@hipcrave.com


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